Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giving stamping a try

I was very excited when my first mini haul of nail art supplies arrived in my mailbox.

First mini-haul

I got the stamp and scraper and dotting tools on eBay and the 25 Mash plates on Amazon.  All were super cheap.  I did end up with two of the same Mash plates, and when I contacted the seller through Amazon to rectify the situation, they sent me a few more plates... which were also duplicate plates, but with bigger images.  Odd.  I guess the bigger images will come in handy because the other full nail images looked pretty darn small, even for my small nails.

For my base color, I used an oldie but goody nail polish Sally Hansen Maximum Growth in "Baby Doll."  It's a shimmery hot coral/salmon.

Hot salmon

For stamping, I used Santee Plus in White.  It's not the best for stamping because it's a little transparent, but it did a pretty good job.  The Mash plate I used was m73.

First stamp

First stamp

I love stamping!

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