Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue redux

Even after my franken fiasco, I still couldn't give up on creating some sort of glittery greenish blueness.  So I tried layering instead.  I started out with Urban Outfitters blue as a base coat, layered the shimmery City Color mint green over it, and then sprinkled some fine loose glitter on top.

Here was the result:

Blue glitter

As much as I enjoyed it, I still wanted to increase the oomph factor, so I added some OPI black shatter from the Katy Perry collection (purchased online from drugstore.com with an extra discount through ebates.com) and Nicole by OPI top coat.

Check it out: 

Black and blue

Very cool.  (Sorry for the lack of cuticle cleanup in the above pic, there's top coat everywhere!)

But I wasn't done yet!  I went on to add a few rhinestones to my pinky fingernail.  This was my first experience using nail jewels.  I wouldn't say it was a total success, but I thought it was fun.  Since the jewels were the same color as the polish, they were not actually very noticeable.

Black and blue

Obviously this manicure looks a little loco, especially from up close.  But how does it look from afar?  I never see people posting far away pics.  And I think it's a good frame of reference, especially for the crazier designs.  So here's how this manicure looked from afar.

Black and blue from afar

Not quite so crazy... maybe?

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