Saturday, August 13, 2011


After watching this Youtube video:

I was inspired to try out a comic strip manicure.

I used L'Oreal base coat, Santee white as my base color, and newspaper comics as my transfer image. Unfortunately, the image just did not transfer at all. All I got was a gray smudge. I later discovered that my lack of success was probably due to the fact that newsprint cartoon dyes aren't as intense as actual comic book dyes. I'll give it another try with a Betty and Veronica comic book sometime.

I was left with white nails and wanted to try something different.  So I got out my dotting tools and some of my old and new bright colors (Sally Hansen and Urban Outfitters).

Dotting equipment

Check out the results:

Rainbow dots

I loved how it turned out. Everywhere I went people were asking about my nails and asking if they were stickers. I also must say my baby nephew was completely hypnotized by my nails.  He wanted to eat them up!

From further away:

Rainbow dots

And from even further away:


With pinky jewels (and sequins, and microbeads):

Rainbow dots and jewels

And finally, with OPI shatter:

Crackled dots

Crazy right? It kind of reminded me of the drawings you make when you're a kid where you color with crayons, color over it all with black crayon, and then scrape the black crayon away. Know what I'm talking about?

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