Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Discreet designs

Pretty often the nail art plan I have in my head doesn't quite turn out as I envisioned once it gets on my nails.  But I usually enjoy the results anyway, especially when they are subtle and give a texture effect.  Here are a couple from a while back.

For this one, I used Color Club Electro Candy neon purple with blue shimmer as the base nail polish color.  On top of that, I stamped Color Club Electro Candy neon blue with green shimmer with Bundle Monster plate BM-203.  I topped it off with Revlon clear top coat.   The result was definitely not noticeable from very far away, but looked pretty neat up close.

On this one, I used L.A. Colors gunmetal gray (BCC 558?) as the base nail polish color, stamped Nabi Neon Purple with Bundle Monster plate BM-214, and stamped Nabi Purple Glitter over that with plate BM-201.  On top is Revlon clear top coat.  I liked how the colors mixed into a metallic gray purple from far away.  I took these pics a few days into the manicure, so my nails are showing some edge wear.    

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