Monday, September 26, 2011

Faux Peridot

This delightful greenish gold manicure came into existence by surprise.

It actually started out as the blue/gray/taupe/pink oddity from this post, China Glaze In The Mood Pink Shimmer to Purple Shimmer, shown below on the right.

After adding some Ulta Moody Blues, Revlon Orange Flip, and just a touch of Nabi Purple Glitter, it turned into this crazy franken.

The orange flashes are pretty intense indoors and give this polish almost magenta undertones.

But outside it becomes a slightly more subdued purple. Still an unusual color though.

Then I topped it with a sheer no name key lime green, and that's when the magic happened!  It turned into an awesome greenish, goldish, purple-ish duo-chrome.

It looked completely different in every lighting condition.  Dare I say it is Chanel Peridot-"esque"?


I was actually tempted to leave this manicure unstamped because I loved it so much... but I couldn't do it.  The compulsion to stamp is too strong!!  Here it is topped with Wet & Wild black and stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-208.

And from afar:

I took my nail stamping plates and some polishes to a friend's place for a girls' night.  This was the result:

So much fun!

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